Averi Simmons

advertising account manager
and strategist


about Averi

advertising student at BYUlocated in northern Utahemphasis in account management and strategymember of american advertising federation

Uncrustables Campaign

230 project

filling a position of art director I
worked with a team of fellow BYU students
to create a full spec ad campaign culminating
in a book that outlines everything from
basic research and strategy to finished ads.


Creative Project Specialist

Marify is a small textile company that specializes
in community events and pop-up shops.

content creation

product and event photography (adobe creative suite)Shoot directingcontent creation for social media, website, and online shops (Etsy, square space)

event planning and branding

planning of seasonal community markets for vendors and small business across Washington Statecampaign/market brandingevent planning and execution

Social and digital
media strategy

content creationbasic seO strategysocial media copywritingsocial analytics

The achieve center

marketing specialist

A Pediatric clinic that provides professional therapy
for those with From minor delays in communication
or motor development to severe conditions like
autism, cerebral palsy, or down syndrome.

mass email marketing (mail chimp, excel)b2b marketing (mass mail, brochure, physician recommendation letters)social media strategy (sprout, canva, adobe creative cloud)Public relationscampaign management (qualtrics)

ira a. Fulton
College of Engineering

social media manager

Social media strategyContent creation (adobe creative suite, canva)Social analytics (sprout social, qualtrics, meta business suite)campaign management (Airtable, Later)

bio comms lab

lab assistant

The Lab conducts academic and professional research in skin cancer,
package design, user interface, and a variety of client-based research
where understanding and maximizing communication is key.

current study: deep fake study
measure how well human subjects are able to recognize deep fake-videos. How does this affect human trust in the media?
eye trackinggalvanic skin response (gsr)facial recognitionciti certification (working with human subjects)

Barbie Campaign Research

209 project

spec work with fellow BYU advertising students.
from research to creative brief.

Barbie primary research

barbie's 4 C's

Barbie creative brief